What Happens When Charged With A DUI in Canada

Any time that you get charged with a driving under the influence penalty in Canada, you are really putting yourself at risk. Since this is a penalty that puts the health and safety of many people at risk, you can count on any jurisdiction to penalize you heavy if you receive a conviction. Because of this, you should alway know what to expect if you happen to get convicted of a DUI. DUI Lawyer Toronto will teach you all about what to expect from these driving under the influence penalties so that you can move forward from them.

#1: You May Not Be Able To Travel

 And it is known to be strict time DUI offenders in the sense that you will not be able to enter the country if you have one on your record. The government enacted this law in order to keep the roadways safe. So this can greatly hinder your leisure and business opportunities if you are a Canadian citizen.

#2: You Will Lose Your License

 Many people hold getting hit with DUIs and of having their licenses revoked or at least temporarily suspended. This will make it difficult for you to live your everyday life and run errands. It may also ruin employment opportunities and will drive up your car insurance.

#3: You Can Face Jail Time

 Finally, even if it is your first offense, judges still have the discretion to put you in jail for a DUI penalty. Even if you never have had any criminal offenses, Canada takes these offenses seriously and does not hesitate to penalize people to the highest extent of the law. Keep this in mind as you get in touch with a DUI lawyer in Canada who will look out for you and help with your case.

As you can see, this is not a penalty that you would ever want to have on your record. Because of this, the best thing you can do is never drink and drive. You will never be convicted if you choose to never take that risk. However, everyone makes mistakes, so if you have gotten arrest and charged for this penalty, your focus should be to try your hardest to win your case or accept a plea agreement. With this in mind, consider this information and hire a lawyer who can help you out.

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