Top 5 Budget Wedding Destinations You Can Choose From

“The goal in marriage is not to think alike, but to think together.”

Who doesn’t want a dream destination wedding when it comes to celebrating and strengthening the pure and pious? Weddings are indeed a big affair and need to be treated with utmost importance. Destination weddings have become popular nowadays because of the exotic experience they deliver without stressing the budget to unbearable limits. Affordability is the key, for most people get married without a huge chunk of savings backing them up. Let’s have a look at some of the destinations which could be perfect for your dream wedding:

1. Hawaii:

What else could be better to start the dream wedding scenario apart from Hawaii? Hawaii at sunset is well known for mesmerizing the people with its breathtaking beauty which makes it top the list here as well. Paying a minimal amount as the fee along with carrying proper photo IDs is all you are supposed to do to have the out of world experience at Hawaii.

2. India:

Have you ever been to India? It’s crazy! If you think India is all about the chaos spread on the streets, you are so wrong! India offers the most exotic experience when it comes to wedding ceremonies. The diverse culture and rituals attract many people to get married in India. In India, marriage is considered as the most sacred bond there could exist between a man and a woman. The traditional ceremonies last over a week giving you the dream wedding you have always longed for.

3. Paris:

Although Paris is considered as one of the favorite honeymoon destinations, what most people fail to realise is that Paris could be their wedding destination as well. The Eiffel Tower is the centre of attraction in Paris. Plus, getting married in Paris saves you from all the trouble of travelling to the honeymoon destination after being exhausted from the marriage.

4. Amsterdam:

This is one destination for the party animals. If you and your fiancée want a wedding miles apart from being called simple or boring, Amsterdam is your place to be. The ambience of the place is beyond words. The place not only offers an exquisite experience but the perfect blend of romance as well. Indeed worth spending the first moments of your married life.

5. Drakensberg, South Africa:

This one is for the nature lovers who love to explore and want to get married amongst the natural flora and fauna. The view of the mountains along with the vineyards and stunning countryside itself is a big time treat to the nature lovers. Some hotels offer the chapel as well as the wedding officiant and a reception area, making your work a lot easier and the experience more worthwhile. 

Although people might feel satisfied in doing a small ceremony with their friends and family, there’s nothing wrong in making it spectacular without spending a fortune. Young Hip and Married can help you with extremely customized wedding plans in your budget. Don’t forget, it’s her special day which she will cherish for a lifetime. How excited are you now for your destination wedding?    

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