Tips For Protecting Intellectual Property

As great ideas are generated the threat toward intellectual property becomes a more and more serious problem. Successful product and service ideas should be protected to insure that you keep such things under legal protection.

The following are steps that can be taken to keep your intellectual property safe and sound:

File Ideas For Protection

The best approach to take when it comes to protecting intellectual property is filing it under the proper legal definition so that it belongs to you. Examples of this would be:

  1. Patents
  2. Trademarks
  3. Copyright

Each of these targets specific areas of intellectual law and claim ownership in different ways. Take you idea(s) and consider which of these apply to it and make sure you take the steps to get this done.

Legal Representation

It never hurts to have an attorney involved with ideas that you want to protect. When looking into possible attorneys it helps to research the area a bit. Speak with friends and listen to whether or not they have someone they would recommend, outside of that visit places that will have the information, such as a chamber of commerce.

Aim for the individual that has the most experience, keep in mind, you are looking for an attorney, not a friend.

Educate Yourself

This is a double standard; when you are looking into intellectual property rights it’s a wise move to get legal representation, but it shouldn’t be your only method of defense. Take the time to learn some of the laws yourself so that you can be educated when making decisions and identifying potential threats.

Additionally, be realistic with yourself about the path you are walk down. If you have an idea and you take steps to protect it as your own, it doesn’t mean it’s going to make you a millionaire a week later. Be honest with yourself and recognize that if you’re going to make an idea work that you need to share it, network, and get people involved that can get it up and moving.

It’s not a one-person operation.

Develop the Idea First

On very few occasions a spur of the moment idea will be something that needs to be moved on immediately, but in most cases there is ample time to revise and revisit. Take the time to develop the idea that you have before you take the steps to legally protect it.

This will help in being more specific with the intellectual rights that you are claiming.

NDA Agreements

Anyone that you work with should be placed under and NDA agreement (Non-disclosure agreement) to the effect that if you are sharing information with someone that would be sensitive if it got out, this agreement will hold that individual accountable.

The privacy of intellectual rights is something that falls under attack on a daily routine, whether it’s intentional or a complete accident, it happens. Taking the steps to properly protect your ideas is part of building a successful and efficient business/idea. Take the time to insure you are protecting your own. To learn more, please visit Hoffer Adler for additional information, resources and references.

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